what is leucine

Sugar is kryptonite that make us weak! Nature has provided us with the “anti-kryptonite” to fight the evils of sugar in our diet. The essential branched-chain amino acid called Leucine is just the “anti-kryptonite” that we need to combat the ill-effects of sugar. The Leucine Factor Diet focuses on the leucine content in our diets because:

  1. Leucine is very special in its ability to directly stimulate muscle growth and maintenance; no other amino acid has this distinct ability.
  2. Leucine is one of the amino acids that our bodies can’t convert to sugar (the other is lysine)
  3. Leucine is able to boost insulin production, release, and sensitivity. Insulin is the hormone that clears toxic sugar from the blood.
  4. Leucine is unique in its anabolic effects on muscle and catabolic effects on fat.
  5. Leucine and its metabolite HMB limits maintains muscle when dieting to burn fat.

who is dr.prisk

Dr. Victor R. Prisk is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, an assistant professor for Drexel University within Allegheny Health Network of Pittsburgh, and member of the G.N.C. Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Prisk specializes in dance medicine and sports foot and ankle surgery. He is medical director for the Bodiography Contemporary Ballet. He actively researches stem cells and the role of nutrition in surgical care.

Dr. Prisk is an avid writer in multiple medical journals and fitness magazines, and has been featured on several international, national, and local television and radio programs discussing overall health, fitness, and the benefits of sports nutrition. His first bookThe G.A.I.N. Plan and his newly released book The Leucine Factor Diet are changing the way we look at lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise. He has recently developed his patented OrthoFactor Mobility Supplement Series to support mind, body, and metabolism.

Dr. Prisk is an NCAA All-American gymnast from Iowa State University and Michigan State University. While in medical school at the University of Illinois, Dr. Prisk performed across the country as a professional swing dancer with his troupe Hep Cat Swing and, during his orthopaedic surgery residency at the University of Pittsburgh, became interested in bodybuilding, translating his research in sports nutrition and muscle injury to success on the competitive stage. In 2010 Dr. Prisk attained IFBB professional status winning the NPC National Championships of Bodybuilding. He continues to judge IFBB professional competitions, prepare clients for competition, and avidly trains, dances, and tumbles.

Visit victorprisk.com for more information on clinical visits and consulting.

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Working with Dr.Prisk I put on 15lbs of muscle and dropped down to 8% body fat



I'm in better shape now than I was in high school!



Cake has become my mortal enemy

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