The Scientifically-Proven Approach to Combat Sugar, Burn Fat and Build Muscle

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Leucine Factor Diet Features

Choose a goal of getting lean, building muscle, or maintaining health as your idea weight

The app will help you create meals based on the Leucine Factor Diet book algorithms

If you feel a need to break free of the Leucine Factor Diet suggestions adjust your calories, fats, or carbs per meal

The app expects a minimum 1 gram per pound body weight of protein and shoots for 0.02 grams of leucine per pound of body weight per meal

Select your protein wisely to meet leucine needs

Some proteins will require more total protein per meal than allotted to meet leucine needs; observe the effect on fat and carbs

If you're getting lean extra protein calories are removed from carbs allotment

If you're maintaining your weight extra protein calories are equally removed from fats and carbs

If you're building muscle, just accept the extra protein calories as a bonus

Make meals to fit your goals in a 5 Meal-A-Day diet

Meals can consist of foods, supplements, and combinations of both

Go back and adjust meals as goals change

Save your meals for future reference

Adjust your body weight as you progress and create new meals to meet your needs


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